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#BreakTheBias on International Women’s Day

4 minutes read • 8 February 2022

International Women’s Day is on 8 March and this year the theme is #BreakTheBias.

We asked women Directors and APAC staff members what IWD meant to them. Here are some responses.

Jillian Harrington, Director

I’m proud of our profession’s unique contribution as we collectively, and individually, push stereotypes and discrimination aside, striving for a world where gender determines neither survival, safety, health, wealth, status nor role. Much left to do within psychology and beyond to #BreakTheBias, but each year brings us closer!

Professor Romola S. Bucks, Director

What International Women’s Day means to me is that it is a stark reminder that we still do not have equality. It’s 2022, I’m 57 years of age and still women are blamed for being assaulted, are sexualised in parliament, are rated more harshly by employers and those they teach, are paid less well, less likely to receive promotion, seen as responsible for more caring and emotional labour than men, and are restricted to being the focus of our public interest to 1 day of 365!

What it means to me is that I am tired. Tired of being talked over, of having my ideas repeated by a man and only then heard by other men. I am tired of having to fight for what is mine by right. Which is a fair and equal go. Which is to be recognised for what I do, and only what I do, not that it is a man or woman doing it. What must this be like for BAME women? I, at least, have the protection of white privilege and I am still fed up!

Australia lags behind so many other places I have lived in its attitudes towards and valuation of women. Isn’t it about time every day of the year was women’s day, just as every day is men’s day? Haven’t we matured enough?

Nghi Robinson, Accreditation Manager

Every day, and especially on International Women’s Day, we need to take the opportunity to pause, reflect on, recognise and celebrate the achievements of women within our communities and across the globe.

The team at APAC celebrates diversity, equality and inclusion. To mark the occasion, I will be striking the IWD 2022 #BreakTheBias pose to show my commitment to helping bring about change for a more inclusive world. I hope you’ll stand with me and APAC to help #BreakTheBias for #IWD2022.

Brittany Hogarth, Accreditation Officer

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to honour and acknowledge women, bring attention to issues and celebrate the achievements of women thus far.

It is an excellent opportunity for women to reflect on the lessons learnt in the last 12 months and consider what they are doing to make a difference.

Kavitha Faruqui, Business Analyst

International Women’s Day is a yearly reminder to acknowledge how far we have come in respecting women and recognising their role and contribution to society and yet prompt us in terms of how far we have to go in changing the world to be safe for women and girls.

The history of unrelenting struggles and momentous achievements of our predecessors and current generations should inspire us to achieve the ultimate goal where gender has no bearing on treatment, opportunities and pay.

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