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Types of assessments

Outside of the cycle re-accreditation process there are six other instances when APAC will need to assess aspects of a program:

  • out of cycle initial accreditation assessments
  • request for accreditation of an additional program title
  • request for accreditation of an existing program at an additional campus
  • change of program title

It’s important to note that some programs require a final determination outcome from the APAC Board as well as approval from the Psychology Board of Australia prior to the commencement of the program. Please contact APAC as soon as possible if you are planning a new program, any changes to current programs or if you are unsure of what is required.

APAC will work together with you through this process and will determine whether a full assessment is required or not.

Out of cycle initial accreditation review

Out of cycle initial accreditation assessments may occur at any point within the five-year cycle period.

APAC’s assessment will include some, but not all, of the steps outlined on the accreditation overview and process page. APAC will work with higher education providers (HEP) throughout the initial accreditation process.

As the out of cycle initial accreditation review process can take up to 12 months from the time of submission to complete, please contact APAC at the earliest convenience to submit the notice of intent form.  For more information regarding this process, please contact the APAC office.

Additional program title

An application for accreditation of an additional program title form needs to be completed when:

  • the HEP has an additional title with identical (in every aspect) content/coursework, staffing and mode of delivery as that in an existing accredited program.
  • combining an APAC accredited program title with another program to make a double degree, for example Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)/Bachelor of Commerce.

Please note, a program with a change to the program code but with the same title, content and curriculum may not need to be discontinued. Please contact the APAC office for advice.

Existing program at an additional campus

An application for accreditation of an existing accredited program at an additional campus form needs to be completed when the HEP is seeking to offer an existing program of study at a new campus.

Upon submission of the form, you should also provide details of how the identical program of study at the new campus will continue to meet the Accreditation Standards.

APAC will review the information provided upon receipt of the form. If the request is regarded as a substantial change, it may require completion of a submission for accreditation. APAC will work with you should a submission for accreditation be necessary.

Schedule of fees

Fees for accreditation are set annually by APAC and apply to all accreditation assessments. The cost of assessment is determined by several factors, including:

  • type of accreditation, e.g., cycle re-accreditation, initial or changes to an existing program
  • complexity of accreditation, e.g., program offered from two or more sites or offshore

Professional competency 3.17 of APAC’s Accreditation Standards states that psychology graduates need to “Investigate a substantive individual research question relevant to the discipline of psychology”. But what does that mean in practice?

Associate Professor Melissa Davis, now a member of the APAC Board and Chair of its Accreditation Assessment Committee, led off a discussion at the AusPLAT conference in nipaluna/Hobart in September 2023.

  • Video transcript