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Program status

Accredited programs


Under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009, programs must first be accredited by APAC before they can be approved by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) as suitable programs of study for the purpose of registration as a psychologist.

Currently active APAC accredited programs, recently discontinued and programs in teach out are listed on this website.

Types of program statuses

Programs may be granted the following status:
Accreditation without conditions

This status will be granted when the program meets all the relevant Standards.

Accreditation with conditions

A program is determined as accredited with conditions when:

  • it meets most of the Accreditation Standards, and those not met at the time of assessment are likely to be met within the time specified by APAC. A determination of accreditation with conditions will be accompanied by a list of conditions to be addressed and a date by which those conditions must be addressed.
  • if a higher education provider (HEP) makes changes to its program and/or its supporting resources after the accreditation process such that the program no longer meets the Standards, and the Standards not met at the time of assessment are likely to be met within the time specified by APAC.
Taught out or discontinued programs

If a program was previously listed and has since been removed, the HEP has notified APAC that the program has been discontinued and accreditation for this program can end. Programs that are being taught out and no longer accepting enrolments or that are discontinued remain listed on the APAC website for a period before being removed.

A list of APAC accredited programs of study can be found using the search for a program page. If you are unable to locate your program on this page, you may complete the academic transcript check form to find out if your program of study was accredited at a specified period.

Accreditation expired

This is determined if the accreditation period has come to an end and no application has been made and assessment for reaccreditation has been undertaken, or an application for reaccreditation has been made after the expiry of the accreditation period and the program has not been assessed for re-accreditation.

An APAC audit of a HEP’s program determines that meeting the Standards has not been maintained, and the Standards not met at the time of audit are likely to be successfully addressed within the time specified by APAC.

Accreditation revoked

This applies when a previously accredited program no longer meets the Standards.

No accreditation status

This will be determined if a new application for accreditation or an application for re-accreditation is assessed as unsuccessful in gaining accreditation without conditions or accreditation with conditions.

Programs undergoing assessment

If a program is currently undergoing assessment by APAC because the education provider has submitted an application for accreditation, it will not be listed until a determination has been made at completion of the assessment.

In this instance, APAC is unable to publish any information until the assessment process is complete and if the program is accredited, it will be listed at that time.

Information for students

A status of accreditation with conditions is no different to accreditation without conditions with regard to a student seeking provisional registration, completing further study and then seeking general registration.

If an APAC accredited program of study is accredited without conditions and changes to accredited with conditions, there are no implications for students as accreditation is retained.

Therefore, a student who successfully graduates from a program of study which holds APAC accreditation (either with or without conditions) at the time of their graduation is considered to have completed an APAC accredited program of study.

Publication of accreditation status

APAC maintains a publicly available list of all current APAC accredited programs of study on its website. HEPs are to take care when using APAC accreditation to promote APAC accredited programs outside of Australia, particularly in relation to the requirements to practice in Australia.

The list identifies the current accreditation status and will be amended to reflect any changes to these statuses for all accredited programs of study.

We also publish a summary accreditation assessment report which consists of the outcomes of each cycle re-accreditation and out of cycle initial accreditation assessments that we conduct.

The PsyBA publishes all approved HEPs and programs of study on its website as required under Section 49(5) of the National Law.

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