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Privacy policy

Privacy and confidentiality policy

APAC is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. APAC’s Privacy and confidentiality policy explains how we will handle your personal information. Its purpose is to ensure APAC collects, uses, discloses and stores personal information in an open and transparent way and in accordance with the Australian Government’s Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). APAC also aims to ensure that all personal information is managed in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act. APAC will only use personal information provided for the purposes defined in our Privacy and confidentiality policy and Australian law.

APAC’s Privacy and confidentiality policy does not apply to linked websites that are not APAC’s site. When you link to another site we recommend you read the privacy statement of that site.

Use of cookies

This website uses cookies which are small text files that are generated by our servers and stored on your computer. They allow us to recognise when you return to certain sites and allows APAC to register user preferences. One of the primary purposes of cookies is to save you time. The cookie notifies the web server that you have returned to a specific page. When you return to the same page of the website, the information you previously provided can be retrieved and used by you.

Cookies may be disabled or refused, however, if you choose to decline cookies you may not be able to access all features of the APAC website.

Pages on this site may be coded with scripts from Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google for the purpose of gathering statistical information about visitors to a website. Google Analytics is a tool used to ensure APAC’s website is responsive to user needs. It allows APAC to identify information such as from where traffic originates and the pages which are most popular.

Google Analytics is implemented through a cookie which is placed on the visitor’s computer coupled with code in the webpage which collects visitor’s data and relays it to Google’s servers for processing. Information collected and provided through the use of Google Analytics is limited to non-personal information only and is unable to link the IP address of a visitor to specific individuals.

Website visitors can opt-out of Google Analytics if they disable or refuse cookies or utilise the opt-out service provided by Google.

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