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Overseas qualifications

For students

For information and advice

APAC’s remit extends only to the accreditation of programs of study offered by Australian Higher Education Providers at specific campuses.

If you have gained an overseas academic qualification in psychology and you are seeking to register to practise as a psychologist or continue further studies in an APAC accredited program in Australia, the appropriate course of action is dependent on the advice you are seeking.

For information relating to skilled migration to Australia, or assessment of your qualification for entry into an Australian higher education provider or for general employment

You must have your qualifications assessed by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), who is the national assessing authority for the assessment of overseas qualified psychologists applying for migration to Australia under the Skilled Migration categories, assessment for entry to an Australian higher education provider or for employment purposes.

For information relating to entry into a psychology program in Australia

Following the APS’ assessment of overseas academic qualifications process, contact the prospective higher education provider directly about its individual admission processes and requirements.

For information relating to registration and practise as a psychologist in Australia

Under National Law, you must be registered with the Psychology Board Australia to work as a psychologist in Australia.

Please visit their website for more information on how to apply for registration as a psychologist in Australia.

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