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Our latest newsletter: news, views and a podcast

2 minutes read • 7 June 2022
Our latest newsletter: news, views and a podcast

As we approach the half-way mark in the year, our assessment teams have completed five virtual re-accreditation site visits.

In the remainder of 2022, there are four more re-accreditation site visits and two monitoring visits.

APAC’s Cultural Responsiveness working party is making great progress on developing guidelines to help higher education providers meet the relevant Standard.

The working party has decided to prioritise cultural responsiveness in relation to Indigenous individuals and communities.

With a referendum on a Voice to Parliament taking place possibly as early as next year, this seems a very timely decision.

Our Accreditation team is always looking for ways to smooth the site visit process for higher education providers and my colleagues have come up with 10 top tips for planning a visit. 

Read the newsletter here.

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