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APAC publishes details of accredited programs of study on the website, including programs that may be in the process of being taught out or have been recently discontinued. Please visit our program search page to check if your program is APAC accredited.

Discontinued programs remain published for a period of time. If you are unable to locate a program using the program search function, please complete the academic transcript check form to confirm if your program was previously APAC accredited.

Please note, APAC is only able to confirm whether a program of study was accredited at a specific time. As such, advice given is subject to all the required units within the accredited sequence being completed. Please contact your higher education provider directly for advice regarding the completion of an accredited sequence.

Please allow up to five business days for a response to your academic transcript check. For historical records, please note, these may take longer pending verification of information by higher education providers, if required. 
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