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Accreditation fees explained

4 minutes read • 1 February 2022
Accreditation  News

A number of providers raised the question in our recent stakeholder survey about fees charged for an assessment.

Here, APAC Accreditation Manager Nghi Robinson takes us through how the fees are set and how the fee structure works.

“Fees are reviewed annually and set by the APAC Board and cover the cost of accreditation for each program sequence across the five years of the accreditation period.

“For re-accreditation or initial assessments, fees for an assessment of a Level 1 undergraduate or Level 2 sequence are charged only once where the sequence is identical. For example, the assessment of the identical Level 1 sequence within six different undergraduate degree program titles results in one fee.

“For the assessment of an additional title or an existing program at an additional campus, a fee is charged per title and per campus and is proportionate to the assessment required to determine whether the additional title or the existing title at an additional campus will continue to meet the Accreditation Standards.

“APAC does not charge providers an administrative fee for applying to change the title of an existing accredited program.

“Similarly, there is no administrative fee when providers submit a notification to place a program in teach out or notify APAC of a material change and an assessment of such changes is required to determine whether the program is still compliant with the Standards.

“In the case of a virtual site visit, while we are currently not travelling to each campus, the assessment team is still carrying out a comprehensive review of each program sequence, with much of the information assessed ahead of the virtual visit (student work samples, onsite facilities) and the team meets and speaks with staff at all campuses.

“APAC also allocates an additional staff member to the review who is dedicated to facilitating a well-run virtual process.

“Unfortunately, the virtual visit doesn’t cost less than a face-to-face visit as travel is normally a very small portion of the overall costs of an assessment.

“The absence of travel costs for a virtual visit is offset by the additional staff resource, as well as the additional payments that APAC is required to make to Assessors.”

The fees for 2022 can be found here.

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