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Great work all round

2 minutes read • 21 August 2023
Accreditation  News

It can sometimes seem that an APAC site visit is all about unearthing problems, leading to critical feedback.

But our Assessors are keen to also discover and acknowledge the great work that many higher education providers are doing.

In the years 2019 to 2022, APAC Assessors and staff gave positive feedback to HEPs, recording a total of 149 commendations.

They noted the quality of one HEP’s accreditation submission “which comprehensively addresses each standard with thorough explanation and supporting evidence”.

Another HEP was commended for its inclusion of work integrated learning through undergraduate internships and future research internships and its strong relationship with industry professionals.

There was the HEP which introduced an entry pathway for Indigenous students at the honours level and another which demonstrated “passion, commitment and drive to provide high-quality psychology education and training in rural and remote communities”.

One institution was praised for its strong integration of research and the breadth of focus, including qualitative and mixed methods in research training.

A number of HEPs won positive feedback for “the collegiality, commitment, approachability and support displayed among staff and the level of support and leadership provided by the Discipline Leads”.

Commendations included noting an HEP’s “contribution towards the initiation and development of the Interprofessional Education curriculum framework, including the Interprofessional Education Day for postgraduate students”.

And another was praised for “its commitment to providing authentic education and assessment regarding cultural responsiveness, including with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, integrated throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate programs to support students to further develop their skills and knowledge in cultural responsiveness”.

So if you’re hosting an APAC site visit in 2024, you can look forward not only to helpful advice but, where applicable, a pat on the back for a job well done.

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